5 Ways to Make $5k
in 5 Weeks Roadmap

Wanna make some money, and fast? While we certainly prioritize our needs around here, we’re also strong believers that what we truly want deserves just as much time and attention as what we must have.

So whether you download this roadmap because you’re in a tight spot, or simply because you think bringing in a cool $5k over the next 5 weeks sounds pretty awesome (we agree), this guide was made for you. Enjoy!

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    Strengths-Based Business Coach, Creator of Made 4 More

    Who am I?

    Hey! I'm Emily and I'm a business coach for womxn entrepreneurs who know they're made for more. Our team specializes in teaching you how to hire rad ass teams and build truly sustainable and scalable offers. If you've been in biz for 2+ years and are ready to blow past that $100k mark, we're ready to show you how. Enjoy this roadmap to help you bring in a little extra cash this month and if you're ready to learn more, head over to emilyeley.com/m4m. Enjoy and chat soon!

    What will you learn?

    • 5 Ways We've Supported Clients in Making $5k in 5 Weeks
    • Our 5 Week Launch Calendar
    • 9 Steps to Raise Your Revenue NOW
    • Top 3 Business Mistakes to Avoid
    • My Proven Method for Increasing Revenue, Joy, and Ease
    • How to Create a Strengths-Based Scalable Offer